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Roof Modifications

When making improvements to your property, alterations to the roof and deck are often required. Seamless Solutions can coordinate with other trades such as HVAC, Plumbing, Electricians, etc. to devise a plan and schedule to perform roofing activities necessary to complete these modifications.

Call us today to work with your choice of professionals of various trades to complete your rooftop modification, call today 913.948.9604!

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– Johnson County Kansas

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– KS Roofing Contractor

The State of Kansas requires all roofing contractors to register in order to provide commercial or residential roofing work.
Seamless Solutions, LLC is a registered roofing contractor in the State of Kansas, #14-000059.

– Johnson County KS

Certified Johnson County Kansas Contractor - Certified Class "DR" Roofing Contractor - 
Licensed in Johnson County. Seamless Solutions, LLC #2023 - 7975

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