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Roof Inspection

Seamless Solutions Roof Inspection will determine the roof’s condition and provide written documentation of its status. Our technicians will examine all components of the roof including field condition, drainage systems, moisture infiltration as well as more specific features such as metal flashings, ridges, drip edge, roof caps, etc. Using a standard process and inspection checklist, customers will be provided a summary report, a copy of the completed inspection checklist and PDF of the photos taken. These reports are invaluable to our customers who are considering the sale, re-financing or purchase of any type of commercial building. A commercial roof inspection can also be useful for insurance claims following heavy rainfall, severe wind activity, periods of sleet and/or snow, hail storms, episodes of foot traffic on the roof, and other incidents of potential damage. Finally, commercial and industrial roof inspections are useful in extending the life of the roof through early detection of problems thus limiting damage.

Most managers of commercial facilities agree that regular inspections reduce ownership costs, reduce leak frequency and severity, extend roof life, and reduce management inefficiencies. Become familiar with your roofs’ current condition without ever leaving the ground by calling Seamless Solutions today, call today 913.948.9604!

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– KS Roofing Contractor

The State of Kansas requires all roofing contractors to register in order to provide commercial or residential roofing work.
Seamless Solutions, LLC is a registered roofing contractor in the State of Kansas, #14-000059.

– Johnson County KS

Certified Johnson County Kansas Contractor - Certified Class "DR" Roofing Contractor - 
Licensed in Johnson County. Seamless Solutions, LLC #2023 - 7975

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