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Preventative Roof Maintenance Plan

Seamless Solutions maintenance service includes cleaning debris from roof and gutters, inspecting roof and drainage systems, and minor repairs to ensure your roof is at peak performance at all times. Seamless Solutions will examine the condition on a semi-annual basis and will visually inspect roofing components for proper function. Minor repairs include replacing missing fasteners, fixing small punctures, resealing terminations, replacing deteriorated caulking or sealants, etc. If any larger issues are identified, an estimate will be provided free of charge for budgeting purposes and the repair can be scheduled at your convenience. A detailed report including photos of current condition and repairs performed will be kept on file by Seamless Solutions and shared with our clients.

Proactive versus reactive maintenance can save thousands of dollars over the life of your roof. Those who react to problems as they occur, pay an average of 25¢ per square foot annually for maintenance. Proactive owners and facility managers who inspect and repair routinely spend an average of only 14¢ per square foot annually. Plus a proactively maintained roof system will outlast a neglected one on average by 8 years.

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The State of Kansas requires all roofing contractors to register in order to provide commercial or residential roofing work.
Seamless Solutions, LLC is a registered roofing contractor in the State of Kansas, #14-000059.

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