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Roof Inspections: Why you need one and how it can benefit your building.

The maintenance of a roof does not stop at the completion of a new one. It is best to routinely check your roof by getting a roof inspection on a yearly basis. There are plenty of reasons to get a roof inspection yearly, one main reason being the prevention of complete roof replacement prematurely. If you are wondering why it’s imperative that you schedule an annual roof inspection, we have the answers for you. .

Do you need a roof inspection?

Now that you are somewhat aware of the importance of roof inspections, maybe you didn’t realize that you may need to schedule one or it has been a while since your roof installation or last inspection. Here are a couple of warning signs that can gauge how urgent the roof inspection may need to be.

One clear warning sign is if the roof is damaged. If there are evident leaks and drafts, a roof inspection may be in order. Also, if there are dark streaks or stains on your ceiling or walls. This generally indicates that there is some leaking even if you can’t exactly pinpoint the source. These two indicators will let you know that you may need to call a professional to inspect your roof sooner than later.

Although these few signs can be evident it is best to have your roof inspected once a year as exterior and interior inspections can reveal damage that can only be seen to professionals.

Why do you need a yearly roof inspection?

There are quite a few recurring things that happen that would make a regular roof inspection more beneficial for you.

Storm Damage

In the Midwest, we are all aware of the types of weather we have from time to time. These storms can, at times, cause serious damage to your roof unbeknownst to you. Although some of these storms have enough power to take an entire roof off, there are times where it takes a number of storms to accrue significant damage. Scheduling a regular roof inspection will lessen the damage of your roof over time.

Nature Itself

Things like the wind and the native outdoor animals will carry things onto your roof that will create weight and can ultimately cause damage. Seeds and dirt can create growth on your roofs that can take root and cause damage to your roof.


Roofers that are professionals will offer a warranty on their roofing expertise. Without a regularly scheduled inspection its likely to lose the warranty and have to pay full pricing for repairs or replacements.

What to expect at a roof inspection

Even with understanding the importance of having a regular roof inspection, it is still imperative to know what happens during these inspections. There are two types of inspections, exterior, and interior. The interior inspection generally checks for the attic for proper insulation and ventilation. During this inspection, the roofer will also check for moisture and mold as it is a key indicator of leaks in the roof. The exterior inspection requires a roofer to climb and get to the roof to see any damages caused by the elements. Most roofers will also check your shingles and chimney if you have one.

During this inspection, the roofers are looking for quite a few things. Mold, shingle deterioration, clogged gutters, and signs of water damage are the main concerns that a roofer would look for during an inspection. If none of these things are found, then you roofer will share with you small ways to keep up the maintenance of your roof and you will be cleared for another year.

An annual roof inspection can save you from potentially thousands of dollars. If you are due for a roofing inspection, feel free to give us a call and we can get you scheduled. Another good idea is to inquire if the roofer that initially installed the roof has a warranty or special for them to check on the roof every year.

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