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About Seamless Solutions

Seamless Solutions is a full-service commercial roofing contractor with its company headquarters in Lenexa, KS serving Americas Central Corridor.

We take pride in developing long-term relationships with our customers. By listening to their needs, we determine the best products and systems for each individual roof; we ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish.

With over 50 years of combined roofing experience from our upper level management staff, Seamless Solutions has the capabilities to provide you with a broad range of services. This includes project specification, preventative maintenance, technical support as well as restoration, installation and repairs.

Let our team of experts put their roofing experience to work for you. Call us at 913.948.9604 to discuss your new roofing project or to schedule an inspection and evaluation of your existing roofing system.

Seamless Solutions Co-Owner

Larry Horne

As co-founder and co-owner of Seamless Solutions, Larry’s favorite part about his job is building relationships with his clients and approaching every challenge with a unique perspective. Larry’s extensive roofing experience, background in the grocery industry, and childhood as a son of a union worker, provide him with an unequaled viewpoint when it comes to the roofing business and customer relations.

After a 17-year career in the grocery industry with The Campbell Soup Company, Larry began his career in roofing. His 12+ years of experience selling high-end residential roofing, designing and building roofing bidding software, and working on commercial and residential roofing projects, eventually led him to the start of Seamless Solutions in 2013

While Larry is outgoing and bold, he’s a good listener, which is a skill that he learned from his father, a union plumber. Larry asked his father about his success and he said that it was important to get along with everyone. According to his dad, that type of guy, who listens to the needs of others, will be known as the guy who shows up on time, does his job well, and can be counted on for anything. Larry not only listened to this advice, but he built it into his personal persona and the foundation of his company.

Larry is proud of his team’s professionalism, integrity, and excellent communication skills, and believes that Seamless Solutions is built to serve the community with their elevated insight and unparalleled principles.

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– KS Roofing Contractor

The State of Kansas requires all roofing contractors to register in order to provide commercial or residential roofing work.
Seamless Solutions, LLC is a registered roofing contractor in the State of Kansas, #14-000059.

Certified Johnson County Kansas Contractor - Certified Class "DR" Roofing Contractor - 
Licensed in Johnson County. Seamless Solutions, LLC #2023 - 7975

CALL US: 913-948-9604
Seamless Solutions Co-Owner

Jim O’Flynn

Before becoming co-founder and co-owner of Seamless Solutions, Jim was just a boy constructing forts out of scrap materials.

His interest in construction started at an early age, and during his childhood, you could find him with a pile of boxes, plywood, and other materials, constructing a fort, house, or boat. Since he was a kid, he always had the mindset of surpassing the standard, thinking outside-the-box, and looking for a better way to do things, whether that meant a change in materials or a change in perspective.

Jim went from a boy building boats to an established construction professional with a strong background in painting, coating installation, and roofing. He has more than 6 years of roofing experience and specializes in commercial flat roofing, metal coatings, shingles, and steep slope roofing for residential and commercial buildings. He prides himself on his quality of work but also prioritizes his relationships with people.

For Jim, it’s all about the customers. He puts his customers first and is driven to give them the most affordable, efficient, and sensible solutions to fit their needs. He founded Seamless Solutions on integrity and is proud of always going the extra mile in order to exceed his customers’ expectations.

Jim’s favorite part about his work is making a difference in his customers’ lives through quality work and streamlined solutions that solve a problem or fill a gap. He is a considerate, honest, and innovative person and every day he strives to do more than what’s required of him in order to please his customers and build his business.

Ready to get started?

Let the experts at Seamless Solutions address your roofing questions!

Call us at 913-948-9604


– Johnson County Kansas

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